The Study Box Story

Welcome to The Study Box, where we specialise in providing ergonomic solutions for various work environments. From ergonomic office chairs to desks, we prioritise comfort and efficiency in our products. Our team puts in considerable time and effort to guarantee successful results every time.

In 2011, a school approached us with a challenge to create a desk that could be easily moved within the classroom and other areas of the building. This desk had to have safe moving parts and be robust enough to withstand potential damage. After a few weeks of design and development, we introduced the first prototype, originally called Deskturn. This desk was able to fold down to fit through doorways and could be easily moved on smooth-glide castors. The school and our team were pleased with the product and we officially launched it as Study Box.

After conducting market research and receiving positive response from schools, we were granted a patent for our design in 2015. Since then, we have expanded our customer base to not only include schools, but also businesses looking for a versatile and space-saving desk option. Our design has continuously improved over the years, including the addition of two different height options for taller individuals who need to work comfortably.

All Study Boxes are proudly manufactured in the North of England so that we, can personally oversee production and ensure the highest quality standards are met. We take great pride in Study Box as it addresses various needs of individuals working from home, as well as schools and businesses.

When you receive your Study Box, it will be fully assembled and ready to use. No need to struggle through complicated flat-pack instructions, we've got you covered! Each Study Box is carefully put together and comes with a lifetime guarantee. We promise that as long as you own the product, we will guarantee its durability.

The Study Box story is an ongoing one and we hope you will be a part of it. Join us on our journey as we continue to make workspaces more comfortable and efficient for everyone.

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Simon Revington, Owner and Creator of Study Box.