Friday, 13 August 2021 13:27

Great to hear from another happy client

I have known Simon for some seven years now and I would not buy an office chair from anyone else. You can buy cheaper chairs from a variety of suppliers, however Simon will supply you with a chair that will adequately support you for long hours at your desk. For those of us who spend hours at our desk it is not just comfort that we need, it is adequate support in the right places to avoid the risk of long term injury/damage. Before I met Simon I had significant sciatic challenges in my right leg from "long sitting" jamming the nerve in the piriformis muscle. It needed significant physio treatment to free it up - since then the chair Simon supplied me has kept it free. The chair was also a great help when in broke my femur in April. After two weeks in hospital this chair was the one chair that I was comfortable sitting in - whether I was working or just watching TV.

Chris Mackel, Business Catalyst


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