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I have known Simon for some seven years now and I would not buy an office chair from anyone else. You can buy cheaper chairs from a variety of suppliers, however Simon will supply you with a chair that will adequately support you for long hours at your desk. For those of us who spend hours at our desk it is not just comfort that we need, it is adequate support in the right places to avoid the risk of long term injury/damage. Before I met Simon I had significant sciatic challenges in my right leg from "long sitting" jamming the nerve in the piriformis muscle. It needed significant physio treatment to free it up - since then the chair Simon supplied me has kept it free. The chair was also a great help when in broke my femur in April. After two weeks in hospital this chair was the one chair that I was comfortable sitting in - whether I was working or just watching TV. 

Chris Mackel, Business Catalyst

The Bollington Wilson Group

We have used Simon at DSE solutions for at least 2 years now at my company. He is very knowledgeable, offers sensible and realistic solutions and always has the best interest of the end-user at the heart of what he does. He has come up with simple solutions that I never would have thought of and only spends money when required which is always an important factor in the business world. Would recommend to anyone who requires support with desk set up and use both in the office and at home.


DSE Solutions have been a great help in providing specialist advice and equipment with a quick turnaround. They provided valuable assistance remotely to help our team work in comfort during the sudden change to home-working. Thank you.” 5 stars. –

Mutual Financial, Wilmslow, Cheshire.

I first met Simon 18 months ago when I first joined Mutual Financial Management LLP. Simon had come to our offices to undertake a Display Screen Assessment with me. I was familiar with the process from previous employment but felt Simon's personable approach, knowledge and professionalism set him apart. He took the time to understand previous issues I'd had, explain the equipment, it's optimum use and made some suggestions for changes to make sure the time at my desk was more comfortable. To my surprise, the additional equipment required to do that was delivered and installed within 24 hours.

Since that time Simon has helped our firm with a complete office move, sourcing, installing and maintaining all our office furniture. Also, provided the office furniture for the home office of one of our Partners and ensured a desk move for me was completed out of hours to avoid disruption to my working day. All of this demonstrates the breadth of services offered by DSE Solutions to support employers in all their office furniture and staff comfort needs.  Simon and his services come highly  recommended.

Chorlton Blinds

Dear Simon,I’d like to thank you as DSE Solutions for taking the time to come and do an assessment of my home office and my husband’s desk setup, where he spends hours on his computer dealing with the internet side of the business. He really appreciated the time you spent understanding his work style and methods as well as assessing the work area and found the advice that you could give him immediately was invaluable, you’re obviously an expert at what you do.

The products you recommended for him and were able to source for us quickly, within our desired price range, are excellent. I’ve especially appreciated your timely service this week as I’ve been covering him while he’s away and that chair is a huge improvement! Thanks for a great service, I’d certainly recommend you to anyone working from home as well as in an office to make sure they’ve got their workstation setup correctly and with the right equipment to avoid bad posture and all the negative effects that can have on your health.

Liz Purcell  Chorlton Blinds

Digimob Jobs

Thank you DSE Solutions for travelling all the way into central London to install 8 high quality non rattler chairs for me and my team. But perhaps more importantly thank you for how much the chairs have helped all of us with our posture and ability to work more comfortably. Initially staff were complaining that they were having to sit too well because they had got so accustomed to a half-life of supporting themselves via the edge of their desks. However, everyone has now got used to sitting properly and what's more the chairs look fantastic, which is great when clients visit the office. Thank you Simon and DSE Solutions.

Mr Daniel Goldstein, Digimob Jobs.

James Robertshaw Ltd

Simon is an expert in his field of ergonomic furniture. His advice on postural issues in the workplace is second to none. With a caring and professional approach Simon guided our team to choose the most appropriate chairs, seating position and additional support equipment to make their daily working life more comfortable and productive. Many thanks Simon!

Service Category: Expert in ergonomic furniture
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Lesley Sharrock - Commercial Director, James Robertshaw Ltd

Be Logical" about your office seating

Dear Simon,From the day that you delivered my new Ergonomic office chairs both myself and my salesman have no longer endured the usual back pain, stiff necks and overall discomfort.

Not only have you made our working lives much more comfortable but you have delivered superb service, delivering us temporary chairs whilst our actual chairs came into stock. You certainly went the extra mile knowing our challenges and also found us a height adjustable desk that we can use seated or standing to make us even more comfortable that met our budget needs.

I will not hesitate to recommend you and your company to any of my customers, you have an incredible product and your knowledge in your chosen field is second to none.

Lyn Clement,Managing Director


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